BLOG / Public: Where Scandinavian Design Meets Timeless Luxury

Public: Where Scandinavian Design Meets Timeless Luxury

Public: Where Scandinavian Design Meets Timeless Luxury

Public: Where Scandinavian Design Meets Timeless Luxury

In the heart of the Ørestad region, close to the freeway, public transport, Copenhagen Airport, and city center, lies Public. The refurbishment, undertaken by Genesta, aimed to open up the building to the public while employing sustainable practices such as using recycled materials and establishing solar cells. Read on for our cover of Public!

Opening up to the Public

Public’s connections to transport are unparalleled, just 1 minute away from the train, bus, metro, and freeway, with private underground parking. Yet, there was an opportunity to make it even more inviting. The new name, ‘Public,’ not only references the building’s advantageous location but also the new ‘public garden’ on the ground floor. Under the skillful guidance of the architects, the arrival and ground floor have been thoughtfully transformed, seamlessly connecting it to the courtyard and creating a beautifully designed environment where nature blurs the boundaries between the outside and inside. Now home to four restaurants, a food store, and a coffee shop, tenants and visitors can enjoy everything from Asian cuisine to vegan delights, a bistro experience, or traditional Danish open sandwiches.

Embracing and Enriching the Architecture

Since 2002, the building has distinguished itself as one of the strongest architectural works in the district, and as such, the facade has been thoughtfully preserved. The reinvention primarily focuses on the interior, with a reinterpretation of the building’s original material palette, emphasizing a select few high-quality materials. The concept and plans bring Public a timeless sense of quiet luxury, appealing to an international audience and meeting the highest standards of quality.

A Fresh Perspective

When we were invited to work on Public, we were immediately struck by the geometric facade. To honor the architecture, we let the lines guide each view, resulting in a striking expression that draws the viewer in. This approach enhances consistency throughout the imagery, lending it a distinct aesthetic.

Services that Provide Extraordinary Convenience

Working at Public gives access to an international community in Ørestad. An impressive atrium sets the tone for a professional and welcoming environment with a dedicated reception area that provides excellent service and assistance.

There’s direct access to various-sized meeting rooms equipped with screens for presentations and video conferencing, catering, and access to on-site restaurants for convenient dining options.

The versatile office spaces encourage focus and creativity in a relaxed working environment and are suitable for all kinds of companies, from large corporations to small startups sharing space. The space can be customized to meet specific needs, accommodating different working styles and company cultures.

A range of services includes take-away, laundry service, room service, and flower ordering, on-site bike storage and showers, and a large auditorium with a capacity for 150 people!

A Perfect Example of Quiet, Timeless Luxury

Embodying a minimalist yet warm aesthetic, Scandinavian design emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and a deep connection with nature. Characterized by clean lines, neutral color palettes, and natural materials, this design philosophy seeks to create spaces that evoke a sense of tranquility and comfort. Paired with beautiful and elaborate details, which permeate and connect all functions and areas of the house, Public is a perfect example of quiet, timeless luxury.




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