BLOG / Art Basel 2023: Celebrating the Finest Artistic Talents Across Continents

Art Basel 2023: Celebrating the Finest Artistic Talents Across Continents

Art Basel 2023: Celebrating the Finest Artistic Talents Across Continents

Art Basel 2023: Celebrating the Finest Artistic Talents Across Continents

Welcome to our coverage of Art Basel 2023! As interior design is a vital aspect of our work, we understand the significance of staying on top of the latest trends in our industry. However, we also recognize that art plays a profound role in architecture, from awe-inspiring public installations that make us stop and think, to captivating masterpieces enriching interiors with a unique expression.

The history of Art Basel

Founded in 1970 by Swiss gallerists Ernst Beyeler, Trudl Bruckner, and Balz Hilt, this prestigious art fair emerged in Basel, Switzerland, drawing over 16,000 attendees it instantly established itself as a force to be reckoned with. In 2002 fueled by an unwavering belief in Miami’s potential as a multicultural hub, they launched the first sister fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, drawing over 30,000 attendees that had the good taste to combine their appreciation for art, sun and glittery parties.

Art Basel – highlights

Unlimited curated by Giovanni Carmine, director of the Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

This year, 76 large-scale installations celebrating context and its power, were exhibited. From Monica Bonvicini’s psychosexual study of how space leads behaviour in ‘Never Again’ (2005), to Firelei Báez’s rethinking of the ruins of San-Souci Palace in northern Haiti.

Parcours curated by Samuel Leuenberger

With a brilliant mix of installations and site-specific projects, the theme ‘Word of Mouth’ reflected upon the current state of art-making as a means of expressing and translating social and political communication. One particular highlight for us was Laure Prouvost’s captivating new video work, ‘No More Front Tears’ (2022), exploring notions of migrations by humans, as well as animals and plants.

Conversations curated by Emily Butler

Conversations brought together some of the most inspiring cultural figures and thought leaders on the subjects of care, collectivity, and connectivity. During one of the panels, Gallerist Amrita Jhaveri, economists Dr. Clare McAndrew, and Sophie Perceval shared their insights and reflections on the slow rise in representation of women artists in The Art Basel and possible paths towards significant change.

Pilar Corrias Gallery, Booth R3

London gallery Pilar Corrias brought a playful and diverse range of works to its display and while they were all equally worth your time, the 1,500 bright orange Mylar balloons in the shape of speech bubbles floating on the ceiling, by artist Phillippe Parreno, stole the show.

Gallery Hyundai, Booth G13

While Lee Ufan is well known to art buffs for his paintings on canvases, fewer may be familiar with his more experimental side or work with ceramics. The ceramics in the exhibition, a series of large-scale plates and vases made by artist colleague Park Young-sook, reconfigure Ufan’s vertical marks and swirling lines, typical of his signature minimalist style.

We hope you enjoyed our cover, and look forward to Art Basel Miami in December as much as we do!

A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

The 3 Days of Design festival in Copenhagen is an annual event that brings together design enthusiasts, professionals, and industry insiders from around the world. This year’s theme, “Where Would We Be Without You”, a celebration of the design community, was palpably visible throughout the exhibitions. Hand drawings replaced digital photography and renders, and materials and craftsmen were heroes once again. Zuza Gadomska, Graphic designer and Illustrator with Walk the Room was there to take it all in. Read on for her wrap and pictures from the festival!

When Craftsmanship moved in and AI was nowhere
to be found!

The theme of craftsmanship reminded us of the joys of multisensory experiences and while there were many amazing exhibitors, four stood out a little extra.

“House of Craft” by Carl Hansen & Son 

Carl Hansen & Son captivated visitors with their exhibition, ‘House of Craft,’ where they beautifully showcased the intricate dialogue between craftsmanship and materials. Their narrative vividly brought to life the poetic and elegant connection between the maker and the material, making it a clear highlight of the festival.


Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

“Modern Makers” by BRDR Krüger

Having been established in 1886, DRDR Krüger is a family workshop that has now entered its fifth generation. Embracing their rich heritage, they transformed their exhibition space into an immersive workshop, providing us with an unforgettable experience. The scent of freshly cut wood and the captivating sound of wood being polished will remain etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Photos by Karol Nadolny

Conversation in Sound” by Bang & Olufsen with Gamfresi

Finding an electronics brand on the list may come as a surprise, but with Bang & Olufsen, nothing is out of reach. Their exhibition, ‘Conversation in Sound,’ showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence and revealed their perspective on materials in perfect sync with collaborator Gamfresi. The hand-made sketches were a treat!

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

“Expression of Character” by Fritz Hansen

They aimed to “explore the unchanging relationship between art and design”, and with such a long heritage of iconic pieces, who can blame them? What really stayed with us was the meticulous attention to detail, which also conveyed another of their intentions, a focus on raw materials and Danish design principles. Set against the rich backdrop of Charlottenburg their minimalistic pieces stood out and created an amazing experience.

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

The most welcoming design festival on the planet?

3 Days of Design has made a name for itself as perhaps the most accessible (and walkable) design fair, and this year was no exception. The lengths the exhibitors go to create an inviting atmosphere is simply unparalleled. To that end there were three exhibitors that have hospitality down to a tee and then some.

Ferm living garden party & their exhibition The Art of Home

Photos by Karol Nadolny

&Tradition and exhibition Under one roof

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

Audo Copenhagen

Photos by Karol Nadolny


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