BLOG / From History to Cutting-Edge: A tour of Victoria House

From History to Cutting-Edge: A tour of Victoria House

From History to Cutting-Edge: A tour of Victoria House

From History to Cutting-Edge: A tour of Victoria House

Oxford Property Group, a seasoned player in the Life Science sector with an impressive portfolio of over 5 million sq ft worldwide, recently partnered with us on their exciting new project, Victoria House. Situated in London's vibrant Knowledge Quarter, this historic Grade II listed building is set to become the hub for established players and promising rising stars in the Life Sciences arena. Join us as we explore the remarkable 300,000 sq ft of cutting-edge spaces that will soon house the future leaders of the Life Science industry.

A Sensitive Transformation

With its iconic presence on Bloomsbury Square, Victoria House enjoys a rich history, heritage, and exceptional architectural beauty. However, inside, a sensitive transformation is underway to create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem for London’s Life Sciences and Technology start-ups and scale-ups. The stunning atrium is at the heart of the building creating a memorable first impression.

Fostering Innovation and Expertise at Victoria House

With a rich history as the birthplace of genetic science and ecology, this location has been home to numerous pioneering institutions. It offers a unique environment for individuals to learn, network, and commercialize science. In essence, this is where aspiring entrepreneurs can connect with experienced venture builders. To further support this ambition, Victoria House offers expertise in areas such as finance, M&A, international markets, IP, supply chains, scale-up leadership, and talent management.

Functional and Inspiring Laboratories

From fitted and managed incubator space to CAT A laboratories, companies will be able to adjust floorplans for bespoke fit-outs and operations. Among the features, Victoria House offers six air changes per hour and up to 65% CL2 laboratories. If, like us, you didn’t know what CL2 laboratories were, you’ll be pleased to learn that the renders of laboratory facilities resulted from a close collaboration with our clients and Ph.D. students on everything from floor plans to the placement of various tools and items. To attract a discerning audience we took no shortcuts, making sure the spaces look equal parts functional and inspirational.

Preserving Elegance, the Long Room’s Original Interiors

Featuring original wood-panelled interiors, The Long Room is one of the most impressive meeting rooms. To efficiently create a visualization of the room, we decided not to invest time in modelling all the details. Instead, we used a photo and enhanced it with AI, meticulously matching all the people into the image with the utmost attention to detail.

Sustainability Beyond Green

Oxford and Pioneer have joined forces with top ESG specialists to enhance the operational efficiency of Victoria House, aiming for EPC A and BREEAM Excellent certifications. Their strategy involves electrifying the entire building using an innovative air-source heat pump system, implementing variable air flow systems to curtail energy usage, modernizing the central infrastructure, incorporating smart meters, and actively promoting biodiversity on the premises.

But sustainability goes beyond the ecology and the physical environment. Victoria House has put programmes and policies in place to welcome people from all genders, backgrounds, identities, and physical abilities, including Ada Lovelace Day, which increases the visibility of women in STEM.

Continuing the legacy, Victoria House will bring together today’s thought leaders to help build a better tomorrow, and we couldn’t be happier to have played a small part in the history of this impressive institution.


Thank you and J2 and Pioneer Group for a great collaboration!

From Unbuilt Space to Urban Oasis: The Story of Haga Norra

From Unbuilt Space to Urban Oasis: The Story of Haga Norra

From Unbuilt Space to Urban Oasis: The Story of Haga Norra

Welcome to our blog post about Haga Norra, the gateway to Arenastaden. Join us as we delve into the pivotal role of Haga Norra, exploring its position as a bridge between communities and the innovative vision that is shaping its future as an integral part of Stockholm's urban landscape.

Connecting the Dots: The Inception and Evolution of Haga Norra

Haga Norra is nestled between two prominent areas, Hagaparken and Arenastaden. Hagaparken, founded by King Gustav III, covers 144 hectares of lush nature, offering a serene setting with exquisite pavilions and architectural gems. Arenastaden, located in Solna, is a vibrant urban district renowned for its dynamic blend of sports, entertainment, and modern living. Anchored by the impressive Friends Arena, a multifunctional stadium hosting concerts and sporting events, Arenastaden has become a hub of activity. With its strategic location and excellent public transportation connections, Arenastaden has evolved into a sought-after destination for both business and leisure, symbolizing the convergence of contemporary urban lifestyle and excitement. This innovative district stands as a testament to Solna’s commitment to urban development and community engagement.

Haga Norra: The New Social Hub in Stockholm

Fabege and its subsidiary, Birger Bostad, are the proud owners of eight blocks in the district, and we were thrilled to collaborate on their ambitious project called Haga Norra. Haga Norra consists of over 70,000 m2 commercial office and retail spaces and over 1,000 apartments. The project began by focusing on the public areas, Mathildatorget, and the office buildings, welcoming coworkers, clients, and visitors to a place that provides as much inspiration and experiences outside the buildings as they do inside the offices. Adhering to the UN’s sustainable development goals, the project features solutions such as geothermal heating, solar cells, and recycled materials.

The aim has been to imbue the district with an authentic continental atmosphere by incorporating classic qualities into the architecture while keeping an eye on the future.

The first block has an industrial feel, with recycled bricks displaying patina, large paned windows, and timeless materials. The building, measuring 27,000 m2 and divided into 8 floors, is planned to be finalized in 2024.

The next phase of the project was to illustrate the restaurant offerings in the area. To create the sought-after atmosphere, we treated each visualization as an opportunity to showcase how people will be enjoying themselves, escaping the typical render where people are implemented in strategic locations to avoid the space looking abandoned.

In essence, Haga Norra presents a thoughtfully curated blend of cafes, restaurants, offices, and residences, with a strong emphasis on creating inclusive spaces where people can come together and enjoy their time, regardless of whether they live, work, or are simply visiting the area.

Far from an enclave!

A new city park will enhance the green structure and establish connections between the large parks surrounding the area. A new subway station and space for buses is added along with bike lanes and pedestrian streets, in keeping with the overarching plans for Stockholm. What has impressed us most is how quickly Stockholmers have embraced this new part of the city, surely a result of smart planning and great execution by all involved parties.


A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

A Tapestry of Creativity: Exploring the Human Touch at 3 Days of Design

The 3 Days of Design festival in Copenhagen is an annual event that brings together design enthusiasts, professionals, and industry insiders from around the world. This year’s theme, “Where Would We Be Without You”, a celebration of the design community, was palpably visible throughout the exhibitions. Hand drawings replaced digital photography and renders, and materials and craftsmen were heroes once again. Zuza Gadomska, Graphic designer and Illustrator with Walk the Room was there to take it all in. Read on for her wrap and pictures from the festival!

When Craftsmanship moved in and AI was nowhere
to be found!

The theme of craftsmanship reminded us of the joys of multisensory experiences and while there were many amazing exhibitors, four stood out a little extra.

“House of Craft” by Carl Hansen & Son 

Carl Hansen & Son captivated visitors with their exhibition, ‘House of Craft,’ where they beautifully showcased the intricate dialogue between craftsmanship and materials. Their narrative vividly brought to life the poetic and elegant connection between the maker and the material, making it a clear highlight of the festival.


Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

“Modern Makers” by BRDR Krüger

Having been established in 1886, DRDR Krüger is a family workshop that has now entered its fifth generation. Embracing their rich heritage, they transformed their exhibition space into an immersive workshop, providing us with an unforgettable experience. The scent of freshly cut wood and the captivating sound of wood being polished will remain etched in our memories for a long time to come.

Photos by Karol Nadolny

Conversation in Sound” by Bang & Olufsen with Gamfresi

Finding an electronics brand on the list may come as a surprise, but with Bang & Olufsen, nothing is out of reach. Their exhibition, ‘Conversation in Sound,’ showcased their unwavering commitment to excellence and revealed their perspective on materials in perfect sync with collaborator Gamfresi. The hand-made sketches were a treat!

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

“Expression of Character” by Fritz Hansen

They aimed to “explore the unchanging relationship between art and design”, and with such a long heritage of iconic pieces, who can blame them? What really stayed with us was the meticulous attention to detail, which also conveyed another of their intentions, a focus on raw materials and Danish design principles. Set against the rich backdrop of Charlottenburg their minimalistic pieces stood out and created an amazing experience.

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

The most welcoming design festival on the planet?

3 Days of Design has made a name for itself as perhaps the most accessible (and walkable) design fair, and this year was no exception. The lengths the exhibitors go to create an inviting atmosphere is simply unparalleled. To that end there were three exhibitors that have hospitality down to a tee and then some.

Ferm living garden party & their exhibition The Art of Home

Photos by Karol Nadolny

&Tradition and exhibition Under one roof

Photos by Zuza Gadomska & Karol Nadolny

Audo Copenhagen

Photos by Karol Nadolny


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